I am very excited to share with everyone updates as everything goes along! 
On this website I will be sharing my experiences putting together my nearly-completely DIY wedding!

How We Met

Marc's version

I can surely tell you that when I first met Catrina, I didn’t have the slightest clue that we would end up walking down the aisle together. It was a chance meeting on a cold night in February. There was to be an “open mic” night at the college we attend, and my friends and I had decided to make it a point of being involved in the event. We did not make it a point of being late for the event, but in hindsight, I’m glad that we were. When we first walked into the room, there was a girl already up on stage, guitar in her lap, singing a song. This dark haired young woman wore a blue shirt with a pink cardigan sweater over it, with jeans repaired with a patch on the knee. One could tell the girl was a little nervous, but she got past the fright easily. When I saw her, I admired how pretty she was.
She seemed like the type that would never want to talk to someone like me, but I felt I had to get over my inhibitions and tell her that she did a good job to try and get a conversation in. After she had finished the performance and I had taken my turn on the stage, I decided to walk over to her. I became more relaxed as I realized that she was quite happy that I came over to talk and commend her. I was glad that I had said something, but I never thought it would lead to a more in-depth relationship over time. I often think back to that night and wonder if I had never gone to that “open mic” night. I ponder how different my life would be. In those moments I thank God that He lead me to her, and that that this moment in time did, in fact, happen. I did end up meeting and falling in love with the most beautiful, godly, passionate, loving woman. I am going to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her.

Catrina’s version

I had been doing open-mic nights for a while. There was a girl on my hall that did slam poetry, and she convinced me to come with. It was not the first time I had played in front of an audience, but I still got nervous every time. I liked to hang out after I played to hear all the other performers.

Then there was this one guy.

I had seen him play before, and had admired how amazing his voice was. I could not help but marvel again as he played. I thought about how amazing it would be to have someone as gifted as he play to me. I mean, what girl doesn’t dream of having a cute guy with a great voice and incredible guitar skills serenade her!

When the event ended, he walked up to me and, smiling, told me I had done a great job. I was flabbergasted. Here was this awesome guy with pretty sweet skills saying something to me! For those of you who have not heard, I am an all right singer/guitar player, but NOTHING next to Marc. I blushed and thanked him, giving him a shy smile in return.

A few Facebook wall posts, picture comments, chats and a poke war, I was head over heals. And now I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. ♥

Oh, and he does sing to me *happyface*

The Proposal

The week after Thanksgiving break, Marc announced he was taking me out on a nice date - lunch at Olive Garden and all! We had been together for over a year and, as poor college students, rarely had the chance to "go out." That morning I got all dolled up. First stop was an early lunch at Olive Garden (we wanted to beat the lunch rush). Then he took me downtown to an art museum, but it did not open for another hour or so, so we went down to the waterfront and walked around a bit. After we took some pictures on the bridge over the James River, we went back to the museum.
I am a HUGE art fanatic, and Marc let me take as much time as I wanted! That was the first time I had ever been in an art museum (or any museum, for that matter) that I was not being rushed, so I really did take my dear, sweet time. When we were done at the museum, I was under the impression that we were done with our date. My friend was having a baby shower, and he had an obligation on campus right after that.
Earlier that week, Marc told me that the leadership on his dorm - which he was a part of - was painting the "Spirit Rock" a Christmas theme as a team-building project and asked me if I would like to join them. (The Spirit Rock is a large boulder on campus that students paint random things.) I said sure!
When we left the baby shower, he started making and taking mystery calls. He told me that the guys weren't ready, did I need to get anything? I was wanting to stop by the pet store, so it ended up being pretty convenient. When we finally did get on campus, Marc drove the long way around. I was getting suspicious, because he had me play "our song" on his iPod, but I did not want to get my hopes up and get disappointed. I kept telling myself, "It is not going to happen today... it is not going to happen."
As we were walking up to the Spirit Rock, he made me cover my eyes. I laughed at him and told him he had better not let me trip, I'm enough of a klutz with my eyes open! I could hear the guys from his dorm singing Christmas carols as he lead me directly up the rock and told me to open my eyes on the count of three. "1... 2... 3!" I immediately started laughing/crying hysterically. On the rock was painted, "Catrina, will you marry me?" He gave me the biggest hug and then got down on one knee and asked me again. I was so overwhelmed all I could do was nod! I was wearing another ring on that finger, so I had to take it off so he could put the engagement ring on. It was then that I noticed all of my close friends along with half of his hall was around us!
We go to a Christian school where kissing is a no-no, so our friends formed a circle around us and Marc gave me a big ol' smooch! Then his RA prayed over us and Marc announced a surprise engagement party at my house afterward!
It turned out that the guys had painted the rock a couple of times before they were happy with it, which is why they had to stall. That didn't matter, though. That was the most amazing day of my life to date! I cannot wait to marry my best friend. <3