DIY Paper roses with dried floral accessories

I used the instructions and template provided by foofangle (link below). The project is not too difficult, just time consuming. I work in a call center, so I sometimes work on them while on the phone. The project is of the stress-relieving sort, and does not take a lot of concentration, so I do not get distracted while at work. Before this I crocheted [:


Here I have my cloth-covered 18g floral wire, floral tape, my crochet hook used to shape the petals, and the petals pre-cut using foofangle's template

Beginning Assembly 

Here I have the "buds" on the stems.

Halfway there!

Three completely assembled!

Semi-finished Product

Here are the 6 I was working on the day I took all these pictures.

We're going with real flowers!

Although I absolutely love these paper roses, we have decided to use real flowers and incorporate these in the bouquets to give them a "vintage" feel. Our main flowers are blue hydrangeas, with white alstroemerias, curly willow and my white paper roses as accents.